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Tips for Finding a Part-Time Job as a College Student

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College students are often in the unique position of needing a little extra income (or a lot of extra income…thank you, student loans) while simultaneously having very little time with which to actually work. While studying and joining extracurricular activities and hanging out with new friends should all be high priorities for college kids, for those looking to make some money, a part-time job is probably the best answer.

Here are some of the best tips for finding a part-time job as a college student:
Find an on-campus job.
On-campus jobs that frequently employee students often come with the added benefit of being somewhat flexible. Depending on how much money a student wants to make, picking up a couple hours working at the dining hall, in the registrar’s office, or for the admissions office can really make a difference. If you can find an on-campus job that might help with a future career—like editing the school paper or becoming teacher’s aid—that’s even better.

Offer up your services.
A college campus is the perfect place to offer up your services or talents to bring in a little extra cash. For example, ride boards are a great way to fill your car with new friends to make the long drive home for Thanksgiving together (which might not bring you in extra income directly, exactly, but it will sure help save on gas), and struggling students are sure to pay top dollar for A+ skills in calculus, physics, or whatever other classes you’ve managed to ace.

Work at the bookstore.
Working at the campus bookstore is the same as finding an on-campus job, we’ll give you that. However, working at the college bookstore could come with the added bonus of providing you with a discount on purchasing items from the bookstore, which could come in extra handy during the holidays or book-buying season.

Spread the word.
If you feel comfortable enough, it might be worth sharing your job search with your friends and your professors. You never know what job someone else might hear about that could be perfect for you, and professors also tend to live in the communities where they teach, so they could know about additional opportunities off campus that might be worth checking into.

Search an online database.
Searching an online database like FlexJobs is a great way to find exactly the type of job you’re looking for. Your FlexJobs membership provides access to thousands of vetted telecommuting, freelance, part-time, or flextime job opportunities. Your next gig could be only a click away.

When searching for a part-time job as a student, keep in mind that above all else, your top priority should be finding something that won’t add to your plate in a way that will be overly stressful. If you still need a little help with your search, check out this piece for 10 well-paying, flexible side job options for college students, or this one about 16 hobbies you can turn into a good side job.

Source : Flexjobs

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