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Student Life

My Worst Roommate Experience-S2

3 Mins read

Hi there, sorry we went underground for the past two weeks. WE ARE BACK and will not be going anywhere!
Roomie stories keeping more and more weird. Some stories however are quite emotional and just make you want to tear up. This week, we decided to dish a little bit of emotions! Enjoy!

First to share his story this week is Brad, who had a rough freshman year. “My roommate was in his second year and had a lot of friends, obviously. His friends became our new roommates in their numbers, they would come at anytime of the day, and by this I mean odd hours like way past midnight when I’m fast asleep. I would be awakened by the noise and smoke of marijuana and cigarettes being smoked inside the room which I complained bitterly about only to be told that I was being dramatic by my roommate. My roommate would lend our room to his friends without consulting me and sometimes I would come back from school to find one of his friends locked the door from inside and not answer the door. Inside, his friends would use anything they felt like using, this included my food stuffs, my bed- one of them even used my tooth brush once. One day when they were back from the club at their usual wee hours, my roommate said I should vacate the room because his friends wanted to use the room and we wouldnt all fit to sleep in there.I would have to sleep in the living room for remainder of the night. This was the day I decided to move out and i got a room on campus..”

The next story comes from Grace, who was betrayed by her roomie “My worst experience was when I was in level 1.2. I was roommates with this other girl, who was the sweetest person ever. I trusted her with my life and we enjoyed each others company. One night however we were both out for study and came back to the horror of a break in – my laptop and several other items had been stolen. I was so heartbroken knowing how difficult it had been for my mom to buy me that laptop. The next day my roomie and I woke up and went to the Police station to report the case. My roomie was always there by my side comforting me, it felt good to have a sister at such a time. Soon enough the police did their investigation and to my shock Rutendo was behind the break in. She had choreographed the robbery with help from her boyfriend who worked by Zimex Mall*.Apparently it was a couple business and they had been doing that for sometime and I was not the first victim. I was really hurt”

Our third story is from Denver*,who had had enough of his roomie: “l remember last semester 2.2 l had this roommate level 4.1 he would invite his girlfriends like every night and sometimes during the day. I spent most of the time outside the room to give them privacy. One day l stood up and questioned him about his actions because it was more like he was only one paying rent. He roughly gave me the reason that he had been staying in that room for a long time alone. So if l had a problem with him l was the one to leave. He was very messy ,his blankets would be scattered everywhere, even on the floor but when a girl gave heads up that she was coming he quickly cleaned up. l was tired and fed up, having to live outside the room as if I had no room. One cold windy day with light showers, he left for an in class and left everything junky. l took the chance and poured a huge amount of water on his blankets and placed them on the floor alongside an empty open 20L bucket to look like it accidentally fell and wet his blankets, i staged the scene and left. l went and stood at a kiosk just opposite where we stayed. I knew he would come with a girl somehow. So he came with a girl got in ,they left almost instantly and l knew l had won. I went back and saw the blankets on the washing line. Since then he didn’t sleep at home or come with any girl for days, l knew my plan had worked.”

Last story is from Darrell*.“I remember when I was in my freshman year I had a part final for a roommate. He was like a big brother to me, well a first. I remember having to spend one week as a vegetarian after he cooked all my meat for his girlfriend *Mdara this week we have Champions League* – he said. I knew he was asking me to move out and give them privacy over the weekend. If only I’d known that my dressed chicken and 2kgs pork were his target food supply I would have moved out with them. I was mad and furious that Sunday when I returned home to find all my meat gone. He was adamant, unapologetic
and rude. I never got a refund and had to spend the coming week on a vegetarian diet. I guess this was my Welcome to University moment.”

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