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Student Life

My Worst Roommate Experince-S1

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When you go to university, there are so many things to think about. Where you’re moving to, what your course is going to be like and who your friends will be. One thing that we don’t really consider is who we’re going to end up living with. When you’re in halls, you’re just so excited to be there. But before long, the reality of living with complete strangers sets in. Not only that, but when you move out of halls and into a house with your friends, you start to realize that you didn’t know them at all. Student Problems. We asked students for their worst roommate stories ever, and we weren’t disappointed.
Some of you have really seen it all.

First Up is Tracy* with her super weird housemate. “I don’t think I could ever explain just how weird this girl was. One time she had her WHOLE family to stay over… mum, dad, sister, and brother (in our house). All their clothes were just drying everywhere. I’d come in from campus and her dad would just be chilling on the sofa and her mum cooking a “family meal” – they stayed for a whole week all in her room. It was so strange”

The next story comes from Cythia* “My roommate stopped going to her classes at one point in the semester, and was lying to her lecturers everyday saying that she was sick, in the hospital, or dealing with family problems.But in reality, she was in her bed, watching Netflix and eating chips. One night, she borrowed my laptop and dropped it from the top of our bunk bed! There was a huge crack on the bottom of my laptop, and it wouldn’t work for a week. When I asked her what happened, she said that I left it on the edge of the desk and it fell. Mind you, the other roommate had watched it all happen. At the end of the year she ended up repeating her classes cause she failed so bad. When she left, she also took my phone charger, hangers, and two of my jackets. Then she had the nerve to ask me to move into an apartment with her. No thanks!”

Talent* had quite the experience: “I remember when I was in 1.2; I had a very scruffy roommate. I’m talking super smelly socks; unmade bed, underwear by the books and molds over everything he had. One weekend I was supposed to go home I left campus late so I missed my bus then decided to go back to campus but got back a little bit late .I arrived and he had his girlfriend in my bed! The worst thing is he had my sheets on the floor. I will not get into detail about how they ended up there. I threw away the sheets afterwards.”

Rubens* story is more on the hilarious side. “Mine is Short and Simple. My roommate was an interesting fella. He had a habit of doing weird things which surprised me all the time. One day he bought minute maid juice; orange flavor. Then called me and said ah mdara (bruh) this juice is too sweet. Then I said yeah orange is like that. Then he said “eish lemme add some water,i can’t drink this. It’s too sweet. I tried to explain ukuthi juice cannot be diluted even slightly but he insisted haa rega ndiise hangumvura zvipere handingakurirwi nechinhu chisingafemi (let me add water and get this over and done with; I cannot be troubled by non-living things)”

The last story comes from Trish*, who it turns out may have actually been the nightmare housemate: “When I was at College I was a very cranky one. I hated noise, dirt and pretty much was the Mama of the house. I remember this other time; a first year student who was sleeping in the next room would always play loud music. I was working on my dissertation at the time and didn’t want disturbances. One day when he left for the club, I used a knife and broke into his room. I opened up his speaker and cut all the wires, took out the circuits and fuse, microwaved them and then put everything back into place. He was puzzled the next day, not having opened his speaker before we had a house meeting with the landlady over the break in, but they never found out who did it”

There you have it. If you would like to share your own roomie experience kindly send your story to All names have been kept anonymous. Did you know that The Housiong Hub gives you the power to find and select your own roommate? Log into your account and on your dashboard click FIND ROOMMATE!

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